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Choose from a range of quality carpets

At Chlodel Carpets & Flooring Ltd we strive to provide all qualities, from economical felt back carpets, right up to the highest quality woven plain and pattern carpets and everything in between. Our prices start from £4.00sq.m for a tough economic budget felt back carpet and progress upwards.


We have ranges to suit all types of requirements from classical looking twist pile to a more rugged looking textured loop pile. We deal with a select amount of suppliers to offer a good range of carpets, which can be viewed in our showroom. We proudly support and display a significant amount of British carpet manufacturers with a variety of ranges, and ensuring a lower carbon footprint. We will find the right carpet for you whether it's to suit style and quality or to suit a budget. 

We offer carpet ranges from: Cormar, Westex, Ulster, Brockway, Condor Carpets, Balta, Lifestyle, Intenza, Manx.

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